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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Lexub?

    Lexub is a contract and legal document marketplace aiming to create the largest library of real legal document examples, across jurisdictions, languages, and categories. Lexub enables lawyers around the world to source examples of legal documents drafted by other lawyers. By using Lexub, lawyers can turn their documents into revenue, leads, and profile.

  • How does Lexub work?

    Lexub is a global legal document marketplace that connects lawyers around the world willing to sell documents they have drafted and lawyers looking for example legal documents. All documents available on Lexub are provided by other users, not our website.

  • Who should download/purchase documents from Lexub?

    Lexub is intended for use by lawyers. If you are not a lawyer, we advise you to seek assistance of a lawyer on your legal needs.

  • Who uploads legal documents to your marketplace?

    Lexub is a crowd-sourced library of legal documents. So, all documents are uploaded by other members. We provide a series of data points to help users authenticate and verify the identity of a document uploader.

  • What should I consider before buying a document?

    To help you make your purchase decision, we recommend reivewing both the document profile details (key descriptions, categories, industries, and preview etc.) and the author's profile details.

  • Do you provide legal advice?

    No. Legal advice can only be provided by lawyers admitted in the given jurisdiction. Nothing on the Platform including the service we provide, information, content, or documents contained therein shall be constituted as or is a substitute for legal advice or legal drafting services. If you need legal advice, we advise you to seek assistance of a law practitioner or law firm.