Consultancy Agreement


Updated: Oct 27, 2020

15 clauses

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Key description

  • Use this template to create a Consultancy Agreement between two parties (viz. Company/Individual & Consultant) wanting to enter into an agreement for consultation services.
  • The agreement defines various important terms & particulars in a meticulous manner covering all the essential features.




Covered clauses


  • Appointment To Consultant And Scope Of Appointment

  • Obligation Of Consultant

  • Obligations Of Company

  • Relationship Between The Parties

  • Intellectual Property, Trademarks And Trade Names

  • Orders; Sales

  • Consideration To Consultant

  • Term; Termination

  • Confidential Information

  • Notices

  • Assignment

  • Publicity

  • Entire Agreement; Modification

  • Governing Law; Dispute Resolution And Arbitration

  • Execution And Acceptance

  • Exhibit A

  • Exhibit B

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