Customs Broker Service Contract


Updated: Oct 27, 2020

15 clauses

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Susan Do

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Key description

  • This contract is for customs broker service contract. Mostly, it is used by Service user to control the service provider's quality and performance
  • Using this template for dealing with broker and submitting to customs in Vietnam




Covered clauses


  • Service Providing Scope

  • Receipt And Delivery Of Customs Document To 3rd Party

  • Receipt And Delivery Of Document To Party A

  • Party B's Responsibilities

  • Party A's Responsibilities

  • Payment Term And Service Charge

  • Non-Assignment Of The Contract Obligations

  • Compensation

  • Penalty Provisions

  • Supervision Of The Settlement During The Contract Implementation

  • The KPI

  • Termination

  • Validity Of Notification

  • Dispute Settlement

  • Other Provisions

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