Joint stock company charter template in Vietnam (English)


Updated: Aug 24, 2020

60 clauses

Kieu Anh Vu

Kieu Anh Vu

KAV Lawyers

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Key description

  • This template is used for drafting details of Charter of a joint stock company in Vietnam (60 clauses).



Covered clauses


  • Indemnification

  • Dispute Resolutions

  • Miscellaneous

  • Validity Of The Charter

  • Severability

  • Amendment And Supplementation Of The Charter

  • Rights Cumulative

  • Language And Counterparts

  • Definitions And Interpretations

  • Incorporation Of Company

  • Limited Liability

  • Names Of Company

  • Head Office, Branches And Representative Offices

  • Business Activities

  • Legal Representative Of Company

  • Annex

Charter Capital, Shareholders, Shares And Share Certificates

  • Charter Capital

  • Shares

  • Rights Of Ordinary Shareholders

  • Obligations Of Ordinary Shareholders

  • Rights Of Preference Shareholders

  • Share Certificates

  • Shareholders Book

  • Issuance Of Shares

  • Shares Transfer

  • Issue Of Bonds

  • Denomination Of Shares

  • Shares Buy-back At Shareholders’ Requests

  • Share Buy-back At Company’s Request

  • Conditions For Payment Of Buy-back Shares

  • Payment of Dividends

  • Recovery Of Payment For Buy-back Shares Or Dividends

Structural Organization

  • Organizational Structure

  • Shareholder Meeting

  • Call For Shareholder Meetings

  • Agenda And Contests Of Shareholder Meetings

  • List Of Shareholders Eligible To Participate In Shareholder Meetings

  • Invitation Of The Shareholder Meetings

  • Conditions For Valid Shareholder Meeting

  • Steps And Voting Methods Of Shareholder Meetings

  • Passing Decisions Of Shareholders Meetings

  • Board Of Management

  • Chairman

  • Board Meetings

  • Board Meetings Quorum

  • Voting At Board Meetings

  • Minutes Of The Shareholder Meeting And Minutes Of The Board Meeting

  • Written Resolutions Without Board Meeting

  • General Director

  • Salaries, Allowance And Other Benefits Of Board Members And General Director

  • Duties Of Managers

  • Limitations On Contracts

  • Board Of Supervision

  • Books And Records

Accounts, Accounting And Auditing

  • Bank Accounts

  • Fiscal Year

  • Accounts And Records

  • Annual Reports

  • Information Release And Public Announcements

  • Auditing

Re-Organization And Dissolution

  • Re-Organization Of Company

  • Termination Of Operations

  • Liquidation

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