Joint Venture Agreement


Updated: Aug 24, 2020

31 clauses

Kieu Anh Vu

Kieu Anh Vu

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Key description

  • This template includes details of clauses of a Joint Venture Agreement in Vietnam.



Covered clauses


  • Definitions And Interpretations

  • Establishment And Purpose Of Operation On The Company

  • Name, Address And Branches Of The Company

  • Term Of Joint Venture

  • Scope Of Application

  • Breach Of Agreement

  • Force Majeure

  • Settlement Of Disputes

  • Applicable Law

  • Confidentiality

  • General Provisions

Investment Capital

  • Total Investment Capital, Charter Capital And Loan Capital

  • Schedule Of Charter Capital Contribution

  • Additional Financing

  • Increase Of Charter Capital

  • Buy Out Of Capital Contribution

  • Assignment Of Capital

Rights And Duties Of The Parties, Management And Organization Structure Of The Company

  • Rights, Obligations And Undertakings Of The Parties

  • Organizational And Management Structure Of The Company

  • The Legal Representative

  • The Members’ Council

  • Chairman Of The Members’ Council, And Vice Chairman Of The Members’ Council

  • Executive Committee

  • General Director

  • Deputy Director

  • Chief Accountant

Profits And Loss Allocation And Financial Issues

  • Profit And Loss Allocation

  • Other Financial Issues

  • Schedule Of Implementation

  • Reorganization

  • Termination And Liquidation

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