Master Lease Agreement


Updated: Jun 09, 2020

22 clauses

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Covered clauses


  • Definitions And Interpretations

  • General Obligations Of The Parties

  • Timelines And Selection Of Sites

  • Ground Lease, Land Use Rights And Necessary Consents

  • Term Of Agreement And Tower Leases

  • Consequences Of Termination

  • Fees And Payment Terms

  • Force Majeure

  • Insurance And Environmental Responsibilities

  • Limitation Of Liability

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Miscellaneous


  • Confidential Information

  • Annex A – Form Of Tower Lease

  • Annex B – Monthly Lease Fees

  • Annex C – Form Of Invoice

  • Annex D – Master Plan

  • Annex E – Form Of Suggestion Notice

  • Annex F – Form Of Request For Inspection

  • Annex G – Form Of Acceptance Notice And Defect Notice

  • Annex H – Form Of Variation Request

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